How to Tell if you have an Image Problem, GOP, You Paying Attention?

Sheep are seriously laughing. The GOP has no idea why they have such a bad reputation. Are they serious? Do we really have to go there? Sheep are going rogue on this one.

Number one, they seriously need to take the stick out. A good romp with carrots will help this. Puppy, Bertha and Henrietta are laughing hysterically.  Puppy we get it, but whether they will is something else. Bertha is rolling her eyes.

Second, the people who represent them have serious intolerance issues. Bertha, you have met some of these folks, yes? She is shaking her head. They like to wear sheets and attend rally’s? Oh my! That explains a lot. They like to hunt and use humans as bait? That is seriously twisted. Hmmm, sounds like they are more into the S&M than we thought. Let’s see, white sheets, pain, fire, all done behind closed doors. Yep, that is serious S&M. Bertha says one is into whips and chains. They didn’t call him house whip for nothing!

Then they have that anti female thing. What is up with that? They hate women, yet they insist they all get buggered up and pregnant, don’t like birth control, but hate the idea of paying for all of the out of wedlock kids. Sounds like a bunch of  cheap, premenstrual males to us. How else do you explain it unless they are all gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that. You all know how we sheep feel about the gay population. We support them and gay marriage. We love it when they wear rose. But we digress.

They don’t want anyone else to have what they do, are hellbent on avoiding taxes, but want everyone else to pay more. Oh lord, that sounds like cheap ex husbands to us. Memories of bad marriages and dates past. Bertha, you dated a cheap skate didn’t you? She is shaking her head. You had to pay for your entire night out, plus a ride home, and he wanted you to pay him for sex? You gave him the gift that keeps on giving. We love it. Nobody messes with this sheep and gets by with it. You took pictures of him in compromising positions? Nice touch.

They hate old people and want to take their medicare and social security away from them. Puppy is crossing himself. Nobody touches an old woman’s medicare or social security. Does getting chased by angry old people in wheel chairs with cains not scare the hell out of them? If not it should. If those old people are told they can’t get Viagra, boy will Hef have it in for all of you. Don’t think so.

Then there is education they seem to insist needs to go. Why? Stripping that along with programs for little kids is just wrong. You already removed Elmo from Sesame Street, which Puppy still can’t get over. Now they want to make little kids starve at school so they can get their botox queens paid for. NOTE we said QUEENS. Would they like to see what angry kids can do? It won’t be pretty. Kids know how to cause Montazuma’s revenge.  If any kid offers them brownies? I think I would refuse.

So let’s recap for them. They hate kids, old people, are cheap, bigoted, need to have a good romp with carrots, Puppy am I leaving anything out? Puppy is looking at the list, uh oh, he has more folks. Puppy, do tell.

Puppy says they hate anyone who interferes with their expensive toys. Hmmmm, so that explains it, they like toys. Bertha says she likes toys too, but Bertha, I don’t think that is what they had in mind. She is winking, shaking her head. They are? One likes leather? Oh yeah, the whips and chains guy. And we thought it was just buck shot. Bertha says that also has its place. I’m sure it does. Do we want to go there? She wants to go there. They don’t like anyone who messes with thier oil? Bertha, don’t even touch that one. Puppy says he will. Ok, we know how that came out. Bertha, that is what you said? MOving On….

They have bleach nanny still and that guy who ran with Romney, so we know they won’t take religion off the table. Bertha you tried to take it off the table, and what happened? She is pantomiming. First word, sounds like …..Bertha! We can’t say that online. She is making another hand gesture. Nope, can’t say that either. We get the picture. They are prudes.

This is not looking good guys. What else?  They like dim sum. Oh yes, outsourcing. Is it any wonder they are so hated? They just hate people period. They have Karl in a dress, and Rush in tights. That would explain part of it. They have the loud mouth who likes to attack children and the disabled. Oh those are real good people to represent you. NOT.  Puppy is shaking his head. This does not bode well for this group. The top ten list would not be enough to cover all of this, sorry Dave.

Sheep have spoken. We want only good things for humans. We like old people, gays, the transgendered, children, dogs, cats, kids, families. We like to see families happy, in jobs that can pay for healthcare without the tax increase, equal rights for all.Bertha is supporting your cause, by wearing a patriotic bra by Victoria’s Secrets, which might be a bit too much info girl. The dog is trying to wave the peace symbol but it comes out the middle paw. We appreciate the intent.

GOP,  yes, you have a serious issue with image and that is why. Sheep say FIX IT.


About cruisepuppy7452a

50/D/F, who is a college grad, former associate producer/marketing agent for an indy film co. I have also worked as a caterer/chef. Currently in the process of writing 2 books, one humor and the other is a cookbook. What makes me tick is fighting for the little guy. Nothing makes my more angry than a bully who attacks the elderly, disabled, poor, middle class or unemployed. Some question my sanity or motives. I am totally sane, and my motives are pure. I do what is right, I give back and try to help make this world a better place for all. Ted Kennedy once called my ideas crazy and that was when I knew I was on the right track. Apparently he only did so to those whom he respected. As payback to him and his family I will continue to fight for the little guy, until someone tells me a sheep has replaced me. Only then, as I respect sheep, they are good people. My blog is to discuss issues, question everything and get people asking questions and thinking outside of the box. I am a defender of the people, thier rights and civil liberties and will continue the good fight until nobody is seen as bad, evil, perverse, or other. Its the same bus, there is no first class, . Its your choice. Back to the sheep. Like the sheep in my novel, I am laid back, easy going, have a sense of humor and am easily entertained. Some expect the ususal nonsense. Read the blog and it becomes apparent who I am. I do hope to one day run for political office. I have seen what ego does, how power and money corrupt, and religion can cause harm
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