Sheep Found Hiding Produce in Cayman Islands……

You knew we would go here.

Henrietta has been on the path of a well known sheep whom we suspect has been hiding produce in the Cayman Islands. Puppy thinks he is a copycat sheep, as he was seen travelling on a yacht, and not doing things in the traditional manner.  He was seen with a rather portly male, wearing glasses and a fake nose exiting from the bank. Hmmm, could produce be a euphemism for something else? Puppy has seen this before, and is not that worried. He said it only becomes a problem when you see huge sums getting transferred into multiple banks in Europe, the middle east, driving stock shares way up. We suspect cats have had something to do with this.

This may also be what inspired another famous male to do the same with his funds. People hide money for several reasons, one biggie is to avoid taxes, another is to prevent those who donated to be revealed. Bertha dated a tax cheat. They have no ethics whatsoever. The guy wined her and dined her, bought her jewlery and designer attire, shoes, paid for her implants. When he got caught, the IRS came knocking on her door, demanding the implants be returned. Bad move Nobody comes between Bertha and her implants. The poor dear ended up with stiches on his hand when he tried to cop a feel. When he tried to goose her, she gave him a swift kick in the clapper. That had to hurt. Word on the sheep is that the guy was a politico.

I think we have to wonder, how someone who is that famous would try to go to Hell, just to avoid paying taxes? What, is he too good to pay his fair share? Are his backers that big that he cannot reveal thier names? Puppy thinks this is worse that those who have tried to hide produce in the Cayman Islands. He has heard of males who insist on hiding squash, and melons in the vaults. Women too. Yes, even dames are just as into produce as the men, and we have seen it all. Did ya notice how the rabbit is no longer the hot item? Cucumbers have replaced them, and yes, you can have snacks after.

Word to Mitt, it is better to hide produce, the taxes are a lot less, and the IRS would have that nice little crudite platter. I am sure there is nothing in the book that prevents snacks. Those who need to know may have issues of thier own. Barry, we got any melons or mangos on the loose? Puppy loves to go to Hell. He likes to browse the shops, bring back some of that wonderful butter rum cake. Though it is hard to hide that tell tale tan line that comes from basking on the beaches. If we see any funny make up, we know someone has been on a cruise.

We know someone is innocent until proven guilty. We have heard it before. There are just some things you cannot hide. If there are massive amounts of produce that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere? Chances are, they went to the Caymans. The thing is this, you see tourists all over, which blend in, but when you see pasty white creatures who look like they use a sunblock 65? You just have to know they do not belong. Ditto for the ones who come with a camel. If it was an iguana, we might not pay such close attention, but when you see a guy in a dress with a camel? Oy, is he out of place.

The internet may also be a source of transactions for produce. At some point,, when a guy is shown a cucumber, he is going to scream the names, locations, amounts and backers. Puppy said it is a fierce form of interrogation used by the CIA. Those who do not respond are innocent. Those who demand vinagrette, not so much. Then there are those who writhe in agony as they are so near, and yet kept so far away from the English beauties. They are the ones which will be used to snuff out the information.

So again we say this to Mitt, it is only a matter of time before someone caves. That is a good one isn’t it, the idea of someone caving in the Cayman’s? That came out wrong, but you get the idea. Don’t forget to pass the platter.




About cruisepuppy7452a

50/D/F, who is a college grad, former associate producer/marketing agent for an indy film co. I have also worked as a caterer/chef. Currently in the process of writing 2 books, one humor and the other is a cookbook. What makes me tick is fighting for the little guy. Nothing makes my more angry than a bully who attacks the elderly, disabled, poor, middle class or unemployed. Some question my sanity or motives. I am totally sane, and my motives are pure. I do what is right, I give back and try to help make this world a better place for all. Ted Kennedy once called my ideas crazy and that was when I knew I was on the right track. Apparently he only did so to those whom he respected. As payback to him and his family I will continue to fight for the little guy, until someone tells me a sheep has replaced me. Only then, as I respect sheep, they are good people. My blog is to discuss issues, question everything and get people asking questions and thinking outside of the box. I am a defender of the people, thier rights and civil liberties and will continue the good fight until nobody is seen as bad, evil, perverse, or other. Its the same bus, there is no first class, . Its your choice. Back to the sheep. Like the sheep in my novel, I am laid back, easy going, have a sense of humor and am easily entertained. Some expect the ususal nonsense. Read the blog and it becomes apparent who I am. I do hope to one day run for political office. I have seen what ego does, how power and money corrupt, and religion can cause harm
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