Sheep Prepare for The End….

No, we are not like the people in Kansas who are worried about the world coming to an end. We are prepared for that already. The day Mitt Romney announced his candidacy, we knew if he ever got in, that was going to be the living end. Any sheep who can handle a menage a troi with a farmer and twisted shrink can surely handle the end of the world. What really scares the hell out of us is Mitt Romney.

He has Satan endorsing him, the kiss of death for us all, a very scary looking group of followers who resemble that farm in Amish country. At least the Amish acknowledge other groups of people, are kind, polite, great bakers, and have a value system. Those who follow Romney are just scary.They look like zombies without the sense of humor.

Puppy says if Mitt gets in, he will send him cases of produce. Puppy knows the only way to loosen  him up is with a good romp with a squash. Carrots work too, Pineapple, not so much. The guy looks like a used car salesman without the sense of desperation. To the contrary, this guy has way too much ego that steps on his common sense. We won’t even discuss his tailor. Did anyone tell him to ditch the Grecian formula? That just smacks of neo and sleaze. It reminds us of those former ball players who you know have ridden the pony a few too many times, found themselves with Bertha after a wild night out. No amount of formula can wash that out. Bertha is sitting here giving me the middle paw. It’s ok, we know you had your fun in your youth, their youth and that of their offspring. POOH, now she is giving me the hoof too. Sorry girl, I just could not resist.

We digress. If Romney gets in, no telling what he is liable to do to us. We know she hates Chanel and we are not about to give up our Louboutains. The day they make us remove our Manolo’s, they are going to be asking for it. Nobody gives up a Manolo without a fight. The implants and wax are out too, as are the wigs, nails, eye lashes, tushie implants. If she won’t give them up, nor will we. As for their attitudes? The we are richer than GOD routine has to go.    They are representing people who had to give up their designer attire, homes, cars, jobs, health care. Parading about as if they are better than the Boss? I don’t think so.

Even the Boss indicated the man is pushing his luck. We are prepared to go street on him. He won’t see it coming but will walk around stunned for months after a romp with Bertha. It was said when the last Pope died, he had a smile on his face. Bertha is winking. Bertha won’t leave him with a smile, he will have that we have been neutered look, crossed eyes and missing some of his naughty bits. That is just the foreplay, from there, Bertha will take him to her favorite haunt, filled with every ethnic, transgendered, gay, woman’s lib, pro choice female she can find. She will force him to sit with out of work union workers, guys named Bubba she can find. He will think he died and gone to hell when this is over. Now the Pope is smiling.

Sheep are not going without a fight. The day they mess with our rights, our free speech, our Manolo’s is the day we fight back and we fight hard. Henrietta is prepared for him too. The old girl will be watching his every move and ready to pounce on him in her column. He won’t be able to so much as defecate without her breathing down his neck on his political views. Puppy won’t be kind either.

He will wish Obama wins, as puppy is going to sell him to the highest bidder. Those in need of a good omelet issue will see him and the game will be on. He has no idea who he is tangling with. Sheep are mean, we have teeth and we bite. Even the Chinese will throw him back when we are done. Sheep going down without a fight? Are you kidding us?

We represent the little guys and gals, folks who lost it all, got neutered by their leaders and told to assume the position. Sheep don’t assume the position for anyone. Bertha is coughing in the corner. We do not know the meaning of the word obedient, refuse to conform, will not give up our rights, civil liberties, health care, jobs, homes, choice, Manolo’s for anyone. We knew we had our place when God asked us to rebuild the Ark. Of course it came with a few issues, but what scab job doesn’t? Did it have that za za zoo of union workers? No, but it had Bertha going full frontal, and puppy who spoke street to get what we needed. Hey, not only did we get those animals floating, they went in style. It passed.

I know we ticked off the unions, but it was not our fault, the head honcho ordered it. The last one was missing bathrooms, toilet paper, soap, things you need after a long day. If Romney gets in, people are going to be doing with a lot less. Bertha is holding her nose in anticipation. Maybe a bird hunting trip is a good idea. If we can’t get that, Bertha said she knows some people who would give him a cheap thrill.

Going down without a fight? Surely you joust.

About cruisepuppy7452a

50/D/F, who is a college grad, former associate producer/marketing agent for an indy film co. I have also worked as a caterer/chef. Currently in the process of writing 2 books, one humor and the other is a cookbook. What makes me tick is fighting for the little guy. Nothing makes my more angry than a bully who attacks the elderly, disabled, poor, middle class or unemployed. Some question my sanity or motives. I am totally sane, and my motives are pure. I do what is right, I give back and try to help make this world a better place for all. Ted Kennedy once called my ideas crazy and that was when I knew I was on the right track. Apparently he only did so to those whom he respected. As payback to him and his family I will continue to fight for the little guy, until someone tells me a sheep has replaced me. Only then, as I respect sheep, they are good people. My blog is to discuss issues, question everything and get people asking questions and thinking outside of the box. I am a defender of the people, thier rights and civil liberties and will continue the good fight until nobody is seen as bad, evil, perverse, or other. Its the same bus, there is no first class, . Its your choice. Back to the sheep. Like the sheep in my novel, I am laid back, easy going, have a sense of humor and am easily entertained. Some expect the ususal nonsense. Read the blog and it becomes apparent who I am. I do hope to one day run for political office. I have seen what ego does, how power and money corrupt, and religion can cause harm
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